Meet the
Spark Plugs

Coterie Spark is a family. We’re passionate about what we do. This drives us to work hard for our clients, and in turn work hard for each other. As a women-owned business, our team has fostered a creative, spirited and talented coterie we’re incredibly proud of.

Partnering with Coterie Spark, you have the benefit of our entire team’s expertise. Your success becomes our success. This is what sparks and inspires us.

Rebecca Loeb, Co-Founder & CEO of Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Rebecca Loeb
Co-Founder & CEO


Equipped with a deep passion for continued learning and relationship building, our Co-Founder and CEO is an ever-flowing fountain of new and fresh perspectives. With 20+ years of experience in producing conferences & corporate events, Rebecca’s dedication to the craft and to her clients remains as strong as the day she co-founded Coterie Spark with two core values in mind: fiscal transparency and superior service. Rebecca has a BA from Tulane University. She loves to host and connect with family and friends over good food and wine.

Candace Hoelscher, Co-Founder & COO or Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Candace Hoelscher
Co-Founder & COO


A passion-driven leader, Candace sets the tone for our company’s culture and client services. She is continuously engaged in meeting the needs and goals of our team and clients, always striving to inspire, create, grow, educate, and encourage. Our Co-Founder and COO earned her BA in communications from Texas A&M University and brings two decades years of experience to the Coterie Spark team.

Kelly Gordon, Vice President & Executive Producer of Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Kelly Gordon
Vice President & Executive Producer

Known for her superior organizational skills, passion for logistics, and expertise in getting to the heart of matters, Kelly loves getting s*** done, and right! In her role as Vice President, Kelly drives Coterie Spark’s operations and processes, while leading our team of producers. As an Executive Producer, her experience in event management is unrivaled. Kelly has led conferences all over the U.S. and Canada, ranging from intimate programs with 50 guests to city-wide conferences welcoming 8,000+ attendees. She received her BA from the University of Houston. At home, Kelly loves spending time with her husband, Christian, and spoiling their dog, Little Bill.

Jordan Starks, Executive Producer of Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Jordan Starks
Executive Producer


Say hi to Jordan, our Meeting Producer extraordinaire! Thanks to her love of collaboration and organization, she’s planned every type of event you can imagine—from concerts to corporate and special events. A Kansas State University grad, she specialized in Hospitality Management while earning her Bachelor’s in Human Ecology. Jordan is also an avid foodie, runner, and traveler. She hopes to plan events in at least five continents during her career.

Megan Muehlenbruch<br />
Producer for Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Megan Muehlenbruch



Goal setting, collaboration, and outreach sit atop Megan’s planning checklist. These tools have helped her receive a Master’s Degree from the University College Dublin in Ireland, produce major activations in New York City and South Africa, and work for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. Megan believes in focusing on the smallest, most minute details and always preparing for just-in-case scenarios to better ensure an event’s success.

Alex Gordon, Producer for Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Alex Gordon, DMCP



When you’re on-site and things aren’t going the way you planned, having a producer like Alex makes a huge difference. She knows how important it is to be detail-oriented during the planning stage and remains flexible, patient, and compassionate during events to ensure that everybody from guests and speakers to hosts and vendors feels supported. Alex received a Sports Management degree with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She loves to stay on top of new industry trends and travel protocols and find new hotels and venues to make each event better than the last.

Soraya Herbert, Producer for Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Soraya Herbert



Fun energy, good vibes, quick thinking, a passion for creativity, and a keen eye for detail—what else could you ask for in a Producer? Since joining the Coterie Spark team in 2017, Soraya has made it her mission to create stunning experiences that leave lasting impressions on attendees and set the bar high for future corporate events. In addition to caring deeply for our clients and their guests, Soraya is a firm believer in self-care. She even owns and loves a treadmill desk.

Lindsay Schlauch, Hotel Procurement Specialist for Coterie Spark, conference and meeting planners

Lindsay Schlauch

Hotel Procurement Specialist


Lindsay brings years of experience to the Coterie Spark team for one of the most important steps in the meeting planning process. Her nationwide relationships with hotels and her ability to choose a venue and negotiate budget-appropriate rates while maximizing guest experience are unrivaled.

We’ve Done Cool Things in Cool Places

Whether onsite or online, we go wherever you go. Our event management staff and meeting planners have executed conferences and events in over 40 cities around the globe and in the cloud.

Our team has a unique ability to capture the essence of a city or destination and incorporate that into our live and experiences. Trust us to bring the spark to your next event wherever you go.