Recently, we were enlisted by a Houston social club to plan and facilitate the execution of a couples retreat weekend designed with the goal of engaging the emerging members with the club and the social activities it has to offer. The trip involved a visit out to Big Bend Country in West Texas for a visit to the remote resort Cibolo Creek Ranch, owned and operated by Houstonian John Poindexter. As fall is upon us, we thought it apt to share a rundown on the splendor available at Cibolo Creek Ranch, a unique destination and idyllic remote getaway for a corporate retreat, team building exercise or a getaway.

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Cibolo Creek Ranch is nested in the Chinati Mountains spanning 30,000 acres of land. The resort is a project in which Mr. Poindexter set out to recreate the experience of being in West Texas when the land was original being settled dating back to 1857. Lodging is available in three reclaimed and restored forts- forts that were actually settled and lived in by the original settlers in West Texas who cultivated the native territory. The resort also features an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the mountainous resort with various modes of exploration including rides on a custom Humvee, ATV, horseback or even unguided hikes or mountain bike rides. The land features native pictographs and a slew of wild & exotic animals, as well as multiple museums curated by the owner himself, charting the history of the land and it’s settlement.

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The ranch also provides the opportunity for adventurers to join for a group hunt, walking their very popular 16 station walking sporting clay range or shoot by skeet trap. The full service spa provides relaxation amidst the mountains with scheduled appointments available for skin treatments and massage as well as a fully stocked fitness room and pool/spa for enjoyment by guests.

Events at Cibolo Creek Spa The resort is designed to provide ranch style luxury accommodations, so guests get the comforts of an upscale ranch nested in the Chianti Mountains where the sky is big and the mountains are endless. Cibolo Creek Ranch is unique in that no room has a key, so there is a community feel and guests name one of the best features of the ranch outside of nature as the networking and friendship building the setting provides. Meals are served family style, complementing the friendly environment, served either in a smaller Hacienda with tables, a kitchen and full bar or in The Great Room providing a grand table for seating and enjoyment.

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Our favorite feature of Cibolo Creek Ranch is Texas TV under the stars by one of the two large fire pits the ranch has by their own lake. Often times you can find a cowboy crooner playing out by the fire and supplies for s’mores for continued enjoyment of the big sky in Texas and bonding with fellow travelers and wanderers who find themselves out at the Ranch.

Cowboy Crooner Cibolo Creek Ranch

Travel to and from the ranch is something to be planned out, as the nearest commercial airports are in Midland or El Paso with an additional 3.5 hour drive by vehicle. The ranch features a private air strip for smaller private jets and larger chartered group flights may enter and exit from the air strip in Marfa, both of which are about a 30 minute drive to the main fort at Cibolo Creek Ranch.

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For guests considering their own stay at Cibolo Creek Ranch, we highly recommend bringing your cowboy boots, hiking boots and a good book so you can get lost for the weekend as cell phone service is spotty at best and WiFi is limited to the community Hacienda.

Cibolo Creek Ranch is on our list as a recommended destination for individuals or groups looking for a sense of adventure with the pleasure of a resort style stay in a remote, picturesque West Texas location near Marfa.

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Photos courtesy of Marfalite Studios captured during a Coterie Spark produced event. To view more photos of Cibolo Creek Ranch, see the Marfalite Studios Blog