The short answer is yes, but here’s why…


There is a disconnect between in-person and virtual events and it’s understandable. Everyone has experienced an in-person event on some scale. But not everyone has experienced a virtual event. Not to be confused with a video conference call or your standard webinar. We’ve all been there, done that, and we empathize.


What differentiates your basic video conference call or webinar from a virtual event is the professional management and experiential enhancements. That’s where our online event planning company comes in. At Coterie Spark, we specialize in virtual experiences


The logistics involved in coordinating these virtual experiences are no different than our in-person events. The only thing that has changed is the locale and venue. Instead of a ballroom or conference center in a host city, the location is the cloud and the venue is whatever platform you choose. 


Just like our site selection process for in-person events, our online event planning company has evaluated an obscene number of virtual platforms so that we can advise our clients on the best “venue” (i.e. platform) options for their virtual event. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, however; the equation is simple. 

Virtual Platform + Coterie Spark = Virtual Experience


All of the remaining elements — budget, timeline, agenda, entertainment, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, marketing and communications, audiovisual production, enhancements, etc. — still apply and require professional management. As an extension of your team, our online event planning company will oversee all of these details.


What will take your virtual event beyond the “cloud” are the experiential enhancements. Consider an in-person meeting or special event. You’d typically have food and drinks, possibly some background music or live entertainment, branded swag, and networking opportunities. The same experiences can be replicated virtually. Let us help take your event virtual.


Hopefully this has helped connect the dots between in-person and virtual events. Now, it’s our turn to connect. Shoot us an email at or call 832.589.1905 and our online event management team can get this virtual party started!