Want to find the perfect hotel for your next event or conference? Venue availability, room capacity, and nightly rates might seem like the only boxes you need to check off, but it’s the smaller, less obvious details that can become massive headaches.

That’s why we recommend letting professionals, manage your hotel sourcing. By doing this, organizations save time researching, compiling data, and making decisions, while also gaining the resources and expertise needed to knock their attendees’ socks (and name tags) off.

The best part: there is no extra cost for this service.

Focus on what matters most

Are you hosting locally or internationally? Trick question. It doesn’t really matter. Yes, international planning creates extra hurdles, especially when it comes to site visits, but researching all the venues in a given area takes time whether the event is hosted down the street or in another city, state, or country. And the work doesn’t stop there. Once you finish searching for hotels, you also have to:

  • Contact the venues
  • Confirm availability for the event date(s)
  • Tour each space under consideration
  • Synthesize your notes so you can pick a venue

Bottom line: Hotel sourcing takes precious time away from daily responsibilities, which is not conducive to running a successful organization or hosting a memorable event. By leaving this important process to the pros, our clients can focus more on the content of their event.

Ensure the venue can properly accommodate

Having crystal clear rental terms is essential for event planners to execute your vision. Sadly though, clarity is rarely achieved when organizations search for venues on their own. There are tough questions to ask and even harder negotiations needed to be sure you get everything you expect. For example, as hotel sourcers we aren’t scared to ask about:

  • Planned renovations to the hotel or construction in the area during your event
  • Concurrent event rentals that might confuse, overwhelm, or steal your attendees/space
  • Food and beverage minimums and/or concessions and catering requirements

We have booked and negotiated it all on behalf of our clients: from ballrooms with attached outdoor spaces for cocktail hours to nearby obstacle courses for team building exercises. Don’t assume you’re getting everything you need—let a professional help you get it in writing.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money?

We’ll keep this short and sweet: Hotel sourcing is free to you when using Coterie Spark.

As a full RFP service, we do the research, ask the difficult questions, synthesize the details, and break it all down for you. We also perform site visits — with you or on your behalf — to ensure the venue’s claims are accurate, and the space matches your organization’s goals, programming flow, and overall event vibe.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to spend less time, energy, and money without making any sacrifices to your next event or conference.