Stand Out Coterie Spark 2016
  • What makes people choose your event as the place they want to spend their time and/or money? This is a question that should be addressed for every meeting, event and conference that you plan.
  • Have a solid and effective theme with impactful graphics to support it. When we think about the programs that stand out the most, they all have a great theme that was carried throughout every aspect of the event.
  • Plan a surprise moment that will wow your guests! Nothing creates energy and leaves people talking like an unexpected and unique happening. When thought through and planned perfectly, this could be a major highlight of your entire program.
  • Choose a one of a kind venue. Think new, think exclusive, think outside the box. When it comes to event venues the possibilities are endless.
  • Use multiple entertainment platforms to keep your guests engaged in every possible way. Not just a band on the stage, but a band in addition to strolling performers, interactive gaming, virtual reality, and anything else you can imagine.