Start Early 2 Coterie Spark 2016
  • Plan and promote: Put yourself on your target audience’s calendar before it fills up with other commitments. Secure your most important sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors by making sure they save the date.
  • Create a detailed timeline to boost the buzz for your event. Advanced timing gives you the resources to lay out a timely and relevant social media marketing strategy to get people talking and build both excitement and anticipation.
  • Road blocks and barriers happen, but starting early gives you the time you need to weather sudden storms in the most productive way and quickly get back on track.
  • In the age of endless possibilities, more time means more creative brainstorming and more opportunities to engage production and media partners. A rich and unique creative strategy is a recipe for maximum event impact.
  • Engage Coterie Spark from the beginning. The sooner a planner can join your team, the better for your time and budget. A seasoned planner like Coterie Spark can help prevent potential challenges with vendor contracts involving load in times, concessions, attrition clauses, etc.