At Coterie Spark, we think it’s time to share our updated brand messaging and clue you in on a little secret.

Some of you might be thinking something’s a little different about our brand messaging, but can’t quite put your finger on it. Others might say perhaps we’ve had a little work done with our company mission. Well, as we continued to push ourselves over the last year to meet your evolving needs and define new ways to serve you, we’ve also turned our lens inward to define our brand messaging and vision to ensure it reflects who we are today. The result is a full makeover of our company mission and values – it’s still us, only better. This doesn’t just mean a new logo, but also a refreshed and recharged brand messaging and vision to help us as we showcase our loyal clients, welcome new partners, and team members, and drive forward with innovations and expanded services (remember when 2020 went virtual almost overnight? We certainly do!).

You’ll notice our sleeker, more modern look, reflecting streamlined processes, and a richer color palette, highlighting the depth of our services and enrichment of our company mission and values.



We believe in asking ourselves what our brand messaging and company mission really is – and asking it often to make sure we never lose sight of who we are while continually pushing Coterie Spark to be more. While it is easier DONE than SAID, at our core we take the vision of your meeting, conference or event and bring it to life. Sound like a big, complex, and time-consuming process? If done right, it certainly is. But not to worry – that’s what we are here for. Simply put, we demystify meeting management onsite and online.


Like so many of you, we’ve had to redefine our brand messaging and vision to a changing world this past year. Those changes empowered us to emerge with new experience and strength as an ever-more capable team of experienced, proactive leaders who are here to serve you: our clients, our partners, our family, and our friends.




With all of this being said, we are here for you and we are more focused than ever.  Ready to turn up the heat?! We are ready to share our SPARK with you to ignite your next program. 

In the meantime, take a look around our new website.  Check out our feeds through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Give us a call or email us to find out more – we’d love to hear from you.