Explore what’s possible with virtual events. 

You’re Zoom-ed out, we get it. That’s why we’ve curated three sample thematic experiences to reinvigorate and reshape your perspective on virtual events (not to be confused with webinars).

Whether for corporate team-building, client appreciation or other, all of our packages include customization and a la carte options to enhance the attendee experience and achieve your desired objectives. Explore our 3 unique virtual ideas to inspire your next online event in 2022 below!











With dance halls closed, we invite you to boot scootin boogie in your living room. In 2020, we’re redefining “live” music! How about a refreshment? Ingredients can be mailed straight to your door, making it easy as pie to follow along. We can’t give away the whole farm, but just know that this package includes an “animal” of surprise. Attendees also get the opportunity to create a custom memento that doesn’t suc. *wink*











A ‘retreat’-focused event is our favorite idea to inspire your next online event in 2022. With all that has transpired this year, everyone and their mother could use a reprieve. Let’s take this opportunity to stretch our bodies and minds. We’re here to guide you. Pause to sip a glass or cup of your preferred beverage and reconnect. This virtual retreat will spark joy and elevate vibrations. Expect to leave with a new “aroma” about you.








If you’ve come to play, then you’re in the right place. Let’s turn-tables and get this party started! We’re bringing the pizza-zz, so prepare to be entertained. If you laugh in the face of competition, then you’re already winning. Check the scoreboard, because you may be going [already at] home with the grand prize. Need we say more? Game on.

Did you enjoy our 3 unique virtual event ideas to inspire your next online event? If play on words is not your thing and you’d like more detailed information about our virtual packages, then reach out to us at info@coteriespark.com.

We’re excited to share our thematic experiences with you!