Hotel Sourcing

The process of finding the right hotel for your next event or conference is deceptively complicated. Alongside the usual technicalities that require your attention, such as room capacity or nightly rates, a deluge of smaller details can quickly bog down your search, costing you valuable time.

For that reason, our team at Coterie Spark is more than ready to manage your hotel sourcing and event venue research for you. Not only can we eliminate the stress of gathering research, comparing hotels, and identifying the right venue for your needs, but we also possess a wealth of expertise needed to see the whole process through at no extra cost to you. When you use Coterie Spark’s meeting planning and conference management services, our hotel sourcing management is free.

Whether you are hosting locally or internationally, we can assist with contacting locations, confirming their availability, touring the meeting spaces and event venues, and properly sorting through your notes to make sure the right selection never gets lost in the shuffle. Our hotel sourcing management is a full RFP service, meaning we take a hands-on approach to each step of the process, from the initial research to conducting on-site visits—with you or on your behalf.

Above all, we will stop at nothing to ensure you find a venue that matches the tone, personality, and vibe of your event. As a team of experienced hotel sourcing managers and event venue research consultants, we know what questions to ask and which problems to flag. Should a hotel fail to live up to your standards, we are more than ready to negotiate on your behalf to craft a better arrangement that speaks to your needs.

All of this fits within our core values at Coterie Spark. Our hotel sourcing management team understands that event venue and meeting space planning, no matter the scale, can impose a tremendous amount of stress on our clients. Because of that, we are always looking to raise the bar of service and streamline our workflow, allowing you to see through the production to the actual content of your event. To learn more, reach out to our event venue research team today and see all our hotel sourcing services have to offer your upcoming event, meeting, or conference.

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