Incentive Travel

Whether you want to inspire your staff to reach new heights, thank your clients for their support, or further develop your leadership team, incentive travel can be a highly rewarding tool. Yes, it takes a lot of time and money, but planning professionals like the Coterie Spark team can help. Here’s how we do it:

Our process begins with gaining a deep understanding of your organization. We help determine the why behind your trip and how to make it a meaningful experience for them. For example, if you’re looking to reward employees for a certain achievement, we can help you set goals and then execute a reward that inspires them to hit the ground running the moment they get back.

Putting together an unforgettable incentive travel program requires more than finding hot spots in your destination city. A lot of negotiations take place to ensure that guests feel safe and supported, especially during international travel. Fortunately, we know what’s typical in different parts of the country and the world. We know what venues and vendors tend to offer, as well as what they should offer. 

While many companies are rightfully concerned about budget, we encourage them to think about the payoff. Incentivized employees drive sales and productivity as they strive to earn the getaway of a lifetime. Leadership teams that bond can help transform their organization with exciting new ideas and endeavors. Lastly, clients that feel appreciated tend to become long-lasting business partners. In short, incentivized travel is worth it! 

Want to learn more? Contact us for a customized Incentivize Travel plan that takes your organization and team to the next level.

  • Sales Incentives
  • Training and Education Programs
  • Team-building
  • Custom Loyalty
  • Employee/Franchisee Recognition
  • Leadership Development