It’s World Series time and if you were wondering where our loyalties lie we are rooting for our home team: The Houston Astros! We decided to have a little fun with all this baseball fever and fill you in on our favorite local spots to watch the ‘Stros. Each member of our team got a pick. The results are in. The first pitch is about to be thrown…. Let’s PLAY BALL!

B&B Butchers and Restaurant

Photo via BB Butchers. Photo by: Chris Brown

Kelly’s favorite spot to watch the Astros is actually her living room. We chose to ignore her original response and rephrase the question. We asked “If you HAD to go out somewhere and watch the Astros game, where would you go?” Her reply? “I would sit on the patio with a few of my favorite people at B&B Butchers, order a bottle of wine, enjoy the view & check the score on my phone.”  Sports fans come in all forms and with a view like that, we can’t help  but support her plans.


Edison & Patton

Photo via Edison & Patton

Some sports fans might only be about the game, but with a group as detail oriented as ours, you get a lot of answers that take more than TV views into account.  Not that you have to worry about catching a great view of the game at Aubri’s recommended Astros watching spot, Edison & Patton.  “The mixologists are amazing and the drinks are bomb. The food is beyond and priced really well. They play off the whole Edison angle with exposed bulbs and really cool details.” You can catch a pregame happy hour there from 4pm – 7pm. Which reminds us… be right back.


FM Kitchen & Bar

Photo Via FM Kitchen & Bar. Photo by Hannah Olson

When it comes to her favorite spot to watch the ‘Stros, Candace heads to FM Kitchen and Bar. “They have great food options, craft cocktails on tap, and plenty of TVs. We usually find a spot on the family and pet friendly patio. It has a comfortable neighborhood feel that our whole family loves.” The Coterie Spark work fam also likes to grab lunch here on patio worthy days.


The Hay Merchant

Photo by Julie Soefer

Becky’s favorite place to root for the home team is Minute Maid Park, but if she can’t be there she heads over to The Hay Merchant in Montrose. “It just has a great hometown bar feel and I love the energy in this part of town. Plus you can make the beer lovers, the cocktails chasers and the hungry people all happy.” If Robert Burns was still around we’re sure he’d agree… Baseball and Craft Beer Gang Together. (Modern translation: Craft Beer + Baseball + Hay Merchant = BFF)


La Grange

Photo via La Grange Houston

If there is one thing Rebecca can be counted on to find, it’s a place with comfortable seating options. It’s the first of many things she mentioned when explaining why La Grange was her top spot to catch a game. “Their back porch has cool set ups with lounge furniture and your own tv on one end. It’s almost like a private pod. Great snacks, even better cocktails and how could you not pick a patio with the weather we are having in Houston right now?!” Luckily for guests, the patio lounge furniture is just one of many comfortable spots at La Grange. You can also belly up to the outdoor bar for a front row seat to the big screen experience.