Jordan has impressed since her very first day with Coterie Spark. Her attention to detail and dedication to every project she’s assigned are invaluable to the Coterie Spark team’s success. Watching her grow as a team leader has been a great privilege, and we’re excited to announce her promotion to Executive Producer.

Moving Jordan to this role was easy as she’s already been excelling at it for some time. With a focus on leading association conferences around the nation, Jordan tackles projects with many moving parts, such as off-site events, tours, VIP speakers, extensive sponsor rosters, planning committees, and more. You name it, she’ll knock it out of the park with a smile on her face. 

“We’re thrilled to officially announce Jordan’s promotion to Executive Producer,” said Co-Founder and COO Candace Hoelscher. “She’s brought so much enthusiasm, positivity, and talent to our team. Having an all-star like Jordan puts our clients at ease knowing that their goals will be achieved.”