In events, as in life, there are certain crucial (yet unexciting) things that need to be taken care of to achieve successful outcomes. Enter timelines.

Unless you are a Type-A, list-making, organizing-by-color kind of person, you might think that timelines sound boring. Since some of us *might* have just described ourselves, we’ll forgive you for your possible difference of opinion. In exchange for our forgiveness, we simply ask that you read on and discover why every member of our team (the Type As, the Type Bs & the XYZs) think that timelines are a crucial tool when it comes to successful event production.


Whether you are an individual managing a support team or part of a committee of decision makers, events, meetings and conferences are collaborative in nature. A timeline is a living, breathing tool that keeps every member of your team on the same page. It clearly establishes task designation and makes sure that every action being taken is working toward your goals and objectives.


Can we all take a stand on something? NO MORE POINTLESS PROGRESS MEETINGS! You know the ones. You walk in energized and ready to jump in with both feet. An hour later, you have heard too many people talk in circles, digress into other topics, and waste time you could be spending actually working. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

When you have a working timeline you have the opportunity to clearly define your objectives and action items for your internal meetings and your client update calls. It’s easy to see when you just need a 15-minute sit down or a more involved round-table style recap. It’s easy to see who a topic involves and not waste other people’s time.


The larger and more complex a program is, the more lead time you need to prepare for it. That being said, we have worked under time constraints that make us wonder if we should keep a pillow under our desks. Having had it both ways, we can agree that  having more time is preferable. 

No matter how much time you need to plan, producing a timeline allows you to make sure all of your action items are being completed with time to spare. We want to save you from being buried under a last minute avalanche of must do items. Your time is important, and so is your sanity.


Every journey begins with a single step, but then what? Once you’ve taken those first few steps (determining your purpose, establishing a budget, and defining your goals and objectives), what’s next? A detailed and collaborative timeline will guarantee that you don’t miss any of the steps in between step one and the completion of a successful conference, meeting or event. 


Custom-tailored timelines might not sound like much, but they are one of the most important tools we use to communicate with our clients and their teams. Whether your event is one month away, or two years away, it’s never too early (or too late) to fine tune the details and create a strategic plan for reaching your program objectives. 

Want to talk timelines? Reach out to us at for a complimentary consultation and review of your existing timeline. Maybe you want advice on how to turn a year long checklist into a comprehensive timeline that will make all those order lovers swoon. Either way, we’re here for you. And so are timelines.