The dog days of summer are upon us but that’s no reason to hide inside. To make the most of the outdoors during the hottest months of the year, we put together a list of our favorite ways to keep things cool when you want to take your crowd outside. Soak up all of that office AC and read below for more.

Keeping Beverages Cold 

It’s simple: Hot people want cold drinks. When the ice in your drink melts in mere seconds, you end up with a not so cold, newly watered down drink. Not to mention the added bonus of hands covered in the condensation from your cup. Serve your guests cold drinks that will stay that way by incorporating branded, insulated bar ware that guests can use at the event and then take home. 


Personal Cooling

We all run at different temperatures, so introducing individualized cooling systems could be just right for your group. Varying budgets take you from paper fans to cell phone powered breeze blowers and all the way up to high tech wearable cooling systems with an insulated bag to carry ice and replacement cooling panels. Bringing in commercial fans or introducing ways to circulate air in smaller areas will help keep air moving and the attendees comfortable. 


Rotisserie Sorbet

One of the most creative cool down ideas we’ve seen in a while is a Sorbet Rotisserie. Think giant mass of sorbet frozen around a large pole that is spun as needed for even scooping. Guests can add fruit, champagne, or just grab a spoon and go. 


Creative Shade

An outdoor summer event is the perfect time to throw some shade. Go beyond basic umbrellas with creative options that add to the overall feel of your event. Keep the position of the sun in mind when setting up, and make sure to look at some smaller shade options to create a spot for some one on one connecting.


Cooling stations 

Inflatable cooling zones are easy to bring in, easy to turn on, recognizable for guests and an amazing branding opportunity for companies and sponsors. If you don’t have room for an inflatable, there are lots of other options including misting stations, misting fans, and tented misting areas. 


Popsicles, Popsicles, Popsicles

Served from a stand, driven around on a bicycle cooler, dunked into lemonade or margaritas, or premixed for the over 21 crowd. Popsicles make everyone happy, keep everyone cool, can be branded, and add color to your food stations. You can also get creative with branded Popsicle saucers that slide between the stick and the ice cream.



Trucks drive up and expert techs make it snow in all kinds of shapes and sizes at your event location. Have a hill? Plan for summer sledding. Have a competitive group? Time to start a snowball fight. Mid summer treasure hunt in buried snow? Perfect way to cool down. Top off your summer snow with some branded mittens to keep hands from getting too cold. 

Depending on your geographic locale, summer is a beautiful season. Don’t let a little heat scare you away from hosting your group in the great outdoors. When you plan around the time of day, the location of the sun, and the layout of your space, there are lots of smart and enjoyable ideas you can bring in to make your guests climate comfortable.