Proactive, passionate, and dedicated: We like to say that our team is the spark that keeps Coterie Spark shining in the meeting planning space. In truth though, the word spark doesn’t go far enough when talking about Kelly, Hannah, and Jordan. These three are vibrant, luminous stars that have been pivotal to our company navigating the global challenges of the past two years.

With that in mind, we wanted to thank each of them as we take time to reflect on what we’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Kelly Gordon

Kelly has been with us since the beginning, since Day One, since before Coterie Spark even had its name. She’s grown so much over the years, embodying both the strength and character necessary to see events and conferences through to completion, no matter the challenges and surprises that arise. That’s especially the case during these Wild West-like times.

Over the years, Kelly has cultivated close relationships with so many of our clients, making them lifelong friends. She’s also a true leader, who doesn’t simply get the job done, she gets it done right.

As an Executive Producer, and recently Director of Staff Operations, Kelly has kept us all organized and operating smoothly. No detail is ever overlooked. Simply put, you can always count on Kelly to plan your event. That truly means the world to us.

Hannah Laser

Hannah joined us full-time at the end of 2019, right before the world forever changed. Her determination, problem-solving skills, and positive attitude are valuable and admirable qualities that make every single day at Coterie Spark easier than the last. It’s no wonder so many of our client relationships have blossomed under her care.

As an Executive Producer, Hannah has really been an unstoppable force when it comes to virtual and hybrid conference and event planning. It’s hard to imagine our success in the digital space without her.

Jordan Starks

We knew we found another star when Jordan joined us mid-pandemic. Since coming aboard, she’s been supporting our team in every way imaginable. The most wonderful part: She does it with a bright smile on her face and her can-do attitude is absolutely infectious.

As a Meeting Producer, Jordan hit the ground running and she did not disappoint. In fact, she’s already led some of her own projects. We cannot wait to see how she continues to evolve and support our team and clients.

Again, we’re so grateful to these rockstars and the contributions they’ve made. We are obviously nothing without our clients, but the same can also be said about our team. If our people are our product, then we happen to think we have something pretty darn special.

Of course, words alone don’t do this team justice. To meet Kelly, Hannah, and Jordan, and learn how they can help you achieve your conference and event planning goals, please reach out. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!