Connect. PCMA Convening Leaders 2016
  • The purpose of every meeting and event is to promote connection via face to face interaction. Be sure you do your part to create the opportunities needed for these individual meetings to occur and utilize technology that allows attendees to easily plan and set them up.
  •  Strategic space planning is key. Create an environment that motivates people to want to engage and move throughout the space.
  • Design an app for your event and build in plenty of opportunities for advanced promotion. Create incentives to download the app and design it with unique assets that improve the event experience. You can also create a platform for real time feedback, giving you the opportunity to make choices and changes while the event is happening.
  • As simple as it sounds…utilize social media!! Focus in on your social media plan and PROMOTE IT! Seeing your Instagram post or tweet live on the big screen builds a sense of connection in what can sometimes feel like a sea of people. And don’t forget to create a memorable #hashtag.
  • Continue the conversation after the meeting has taken place. Depending on the size of your event, send out a personal thank you or a picture of the group. For larger groups create a space for attendees to view and download event photos. Send out a creative video from the event thanking everyone for making the program a success. Without THEM the meeting would not take place.