While many are quick to dismiss 2020 as a total dumpster fire, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on five positives from last year.


The definition of coterie is an intimate group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose. We stayed true to our name in 2020. None of our producers were let go due to COVID and we are more united than ever.


2020 was a year of growth for our team and business. We expanded our minds and our services to meet the needs of our clients. This year led us into a new frontier where we quickly took the reins and mastered the art of virtual experiences. There’s no looking back.


There is no denying that 2020 was a devastating year for the events industry. At Coterie Spark, we are grateful beyond measure for our new and existing clients who helped us not only survive but thrive! Despite mass cancellations for in-person events, our team executed over 25 virtual experiences last year including conferences, summits, and trainings.


The past year redefined #eventstrong. Our industry banded together to support one another. We are awe inspired by the creativity and resilience of our partners. 2020 allowed us to strengthen bonds with our existing network and discover new, innovative businesses to collaborate with.


We found our spark in 2020! This year tested us in ways that revealed what we’ve always known — we are more than event professionals, we are logistical wizards! We went beyond our typical scope of work and turned every challenge into an opportunity.

As we look ahead, 2021 is sure to be a monumental year in its own right. Combining our expertise in live and virtual events, we’re embracing hybrid experiences as the new normal. 

We also took time in 2020 to re-imagine and re-invent Coterie Spark. All will be unveiled very soon, so stay tuned and get excited. Happy New Year!