Last-Minute Planning

 Speaker Engagement

Meeting Management

Coterie Spark was hired to produce an annual meeting for a distribution company with only four weeks before doors opened.

In order to ensure the Coterie Spark team was fully up-to-speed, we quickly took a site visit to Choctaw Stadium, home of the Texas Rangers baseball team, and began meeting with several parties involved in the planning efforts. These parties included C-Suite executives, planners, and a consultant group that was helping transform the distribution company’s culture.

Once we had a good lay of the land, the real work began, putting together all of the client’s technical and meeting flow details, coordinating schedules for and collecting materials from over 30 speakers, and preparing to manage the audio-visual, venue logistics and rehearsals once on-site.

In addition to collecting and organizing materials from each speaker, keeping up with changes that would occur to the presentation in the days leading up to the program, as well as during the program, presented an additional challenge.

Lastly, we managed committee-developed videos and skits that were produced to get the crowd energized, motivated, and bring some fun into the seriousness of the changes coming to the distribution company.

The complexity and last-minute nature of this project required many late nights and in-depth conversations within our team to ensure the best results.