It’s been a tough few months, but as we all know, the sun rises every day and the world continues to turn. Here at Coterie Spark, we took a moment to reflect on how this experience has affected us individually…

Candace, Battle Tested Mom of Two

Candace is mother to two amazing youngsters that have recently become her full-time coworkers. While refereeing wrestling matches in the living room isn’t part of her normal job, she puts on the whistle and keeps the first aid kit nearby. Candace has enjoyed spending time with her children and connecting with her hubby over delicious meals that he prepares.  

Her advice for quarantine: You just have to give yourself grace. You cannot do all or be all. Set a goal for the day and that is what you should end the day feeling good about accomplishing. Also, get outside at least once a day. It really helps me refocus.  

Kelly, Dedicated Wine Drinker & Dog Mom

Kelly starts every day with an action plan and an overly enthusiastic “good morning” to her faithful dog and favorite coworker, Little Bill. She focuses on the importance of setting daily goals and decided to get the whole family (and a coworker) in on it! Enlisting help from her fitness enthusiast brother-in-law, Kelly suggested that the family start a daily competition; five goals every day, each worth one point. The challenges include a step count or exercise to be completed along with a food and beverage goal. For example, no alcohol or eat one whole fruit. They also include a mental health challenge, such as learning something new or stopping four times a day to just breathe for one minute.  

Using one word to describe her quarantine experience, Kelly chose: insightful.  

Aubri, Board Game Goddess

Under normal circumstances, you may have had the (dis)pleasure of getting your booty handed to you by this game board goddess in person. Lucky for us, she’s found the app GamePigeon to keep the virtual dice rolling. In addition to gaming, Aubri keeps busy with her activity jar; a project she created to add a little spice to her everyday routine by writing long avoided tasks, fun activities and challenges on pieces of paper. She describes it as Russian Roulette Quarantine-Style in her recent LinkedIn article.  

When asked if she’s learned anything new from her quarantine experience, she responded: Virtual happy hours and coffee dates are the best! I should’ve been doing these all along.  

Want to have a virtual coffee or cocktail with Aubri? Click here

Hannah, Home Cooking Chef & Crazy Cat Mom

One thing’s for sure, life has definitely improved for Princess Charlotte and Lord Sterling. These two cuties have always been the center of Hannah’s world, but are enjoying a lot more pampering now. When she isn’t doting on her kitties, Hannah enjoys the culinary challenges quarantine life brings with her chef brother, Henry. These two create some delightfully delicious meals that we would be happy to eat anytime!

When asked how she stays positive during quarantine, she responded:  Taking long walks in the beautiful sunny weather while listening to audiobooks always brings joy to my day!

Kristin, Super Mom of Four

Supermom Kristin holds it all together and takes every day in stride, adapting to life with four assistants (gulp!). Even though life is a little crazier than usual, she still made time to plan an amazing drive-by birthday party for her two girls complete with a surprise donut breakfast for the family! Every day in quarantine life is a new adventure for Kristin, but as any amazing supermom would, she powers through keeping her family engaged, active, and safe. 

When asked how she’s holding up, she responded: Adapting to the new normal, one day at a time as a working mom and now teacher to my kids. Some days are prettier than others but there is joy and great hope in the process. I personally believe that we will rise above all of the challenges and chaos, and come out stronger and ahead of the curve.

Rebecca, Grounded Jetsetter

Quarantine has kept this jetsetter grounded, but she has still found ways to spend time with the love of her life, her nephew Henry. She enjoys virtual snack time with her favorite little guy over a bowl of goldfish and a juice box. When it’s time for an adult happy hour, she swaps out the juice for a cocktail and delights us with her ever-changing Zoom backgrounds and TV show recommendations. 

When asked what TV shows are a must-watch during quarantine, she replied: Ozark and Schitt’s Creek!!