Are you thinking about putting together a special outdoor event, such as a family reunion, wedding or any other type of get-together? Events held outdoors can be fun, but there’s always the risk that Mother Nature may not cooperate. Whenever you plan an outdoor event, it’s important to realize how rain, freezing temperatures, extreme heat and other kinds of inclement weather can suddenly turn your special day into a disaster. Although you can’t control the weather, you can still be prepared when planning an outdoor event. Here are some basic guidelines on how to weatherproof an event, along with the advantages of handing over this job to a professional event planner.

Make Advance Arrangements for an Alternative Venue

One of the main things you need to do is to make plans for an alternate venue, just in case the weather turns bad. When searching for a venue, try to find one that can easily handle a quick change to an indoor space. Check to see if there’s a café, clubhouse or gazebo near your outdoor event and then set up the space ahead of time. Even if it doesn’t rain, you’ll have more peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared.

Become Well Familiar With the Location of Your Outdoor Venue

It’s critical to be very familiar with the location where your event is to be held, besides the surrounding area. For example, determine the spot where direct sunlight will mostly likely strike your guests or entertainers. What’s more, if an outdoor venue is prone to extreme wind, consider setting up wind blockers, which means you’ll need to know where to position them.

Prepare Your Team on What to Do

In addition to knowing what to do, you’ll also need to instruct your workers, staff or volunteers on your “plan B” when extreme weather is predicted. If your event starts out sunny but is interrupted with rain, your workers should know how to assist your guests into the temporary shelter as well as quickly move items out of the rain. Consider how chaotic it can be when your guests see a panicked team rushing around, asking you what to do. If your staff doesn’t appear organized and calm, they can transfer this feeling of anxiety to your guests.

Gather Supplies

Be sure to have plenty of emergency weather items on hand that can protect guests from rain, such as umbrellas and ponchos. In extremely cold weather, have a supply of warm blankets, gloves and woolen scarves. On the other hand, if your event is scheduled for a hot, sunny day, you’ll need to have items, such as bottles of cold water, sunscreen, sunglasses and handheld fans.

Other Tips and Considerations

  • Prepare for muddy conditions—Rainy weather can also mean having to deal with mud when events involve dirt, which rapidly can change into mud. Therefore, it’s a good idea to scatter hay or wood chips on the ground to prevent guests from getting muddy.
  • Because outdoor summer events can mean having to deal with flies, mosquitoes and other bugs, it can be helpful to have some scent-free candles as well as insect repellants. Another effective way to repel bugs is by using torch smoke.
  • Consider investing in marquees, portable pavilions or another type of temporary shelter that can shield guests from rain, strong winds or cold weather.
  • Provide storage reciprocals that are waterproof.
  • Think about having plastic lockers that are durable enough to protect your guests’ personal items. Plastic lockers could also be used for guests for the purpose of storing a change of clothes when needed.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire a Professional Event Planner

There are several benefits for using a professional event planner. Here are just a few perks:

  • A huge reason for hiring a professional event planner is that these specialists are highly trained and experienced in knowing how to handle challenging weather, emergencies and other problems.
  • You can have more time to enjoy your guests. Most people who think it’s easy to plan an event quickly learn this job entails a lot of time and planning, in addition to stress. It can be especially difficult when you’re trying to juggle a full-time job or have family responsibilities and other personal obligations.
  • Professional event planners can add creativity to an event.
  • They know how to effectively market an event and have the proper tools to do so.

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