We are proud to present our own President & CEO, Rebecca Loeb, as a featured member of Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy Roundtable Emerging Leaders. In this interview, Rebecca talks about why she joined the young professionals group at the Baker Institute and how she is currently in service as the programming vice chair of the Emerging Leaders advisory committee.

Q&A: Roundtable Emerging Leaders


1. What drew you to the Baker Institute and the Emerging Leaders?
I was looking for more ways to get involved in the community — specifically, I was looking for an organization that provided intellectual stimulation as well as an opportunity to meet other leaders. A friend recommended the Baker Institute and it seemed like the perfect fit.

2. How does your Emerging Leaders membership benefit your job or career?
As the CEO of Coterie Spark, I often meet with executives from a wide range of industries whose interests can be linked to national and international policy. The opportunities I have as an Emerging Leader help keep me informed on current policy issues, which are important to my clients, as well as to my business.

3. What has been your favorite program or event at the Baker Institute?
As I am new to the Emerging Leaders, Club Berlin has been my only event so far. I loved the culinary experience designed by the impressive team of celebrity chefs that were brought together for this event. Between the lighting, décor and entertainment, it was easy to forget you were in a tented environment. Hats off to the Baker Institute event team that put together such an incredible evening.

4. What do you feel is the number one policy issue of our time in the U.S.?
My biggest policy concerns at the moment are heath and education. These two areas are in need of much improvement, especially in Texas.

5. What makes Houston such a great place for young professionals?
The fact that Houston is rife with career opportunities makes it the ideal destination for the upwardly mobile professional. This city has everything necessary to support a vibrant young professional community: museums and the arts, an excellent restaurant scene and a thriving business environment. There is no shortage of inspiration for future leaders.

Excerpt from “Baker Institute Update” published 05/28/2014 in Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy Newsletter


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