At Coterie Spark, our team sometimes has trouble finding a simple answer to the question: “What do you do?” The easy answer: we plan, manage and execute corporate meetings, conferences and events. The more accurate answer: we do what it takes to get it done. We juggle, we run, we bus tables, we advise, we learn, we teach, we get excited, we get frustrated, we forge new relationships, we keep going. We look around us and note what needs to be done. We do it.

We are also not solely defined by our jobs. We have outside lives, relationships and passions. How do you balance a demanding, client centered job with your home life? We’ve got the dish from our Executive Producers on how they keep the balance between their daily demands at work and at home. In part one of our look at how work/life balance impacts employees and companies, we’re passing along tidbits from our team on the things they do to keep the balancing act going. Spoiler alert: everyone here LOVES a good list.

Look at things on a daily level

• I focus on the day at hand and make a conscious effort to be present and take each challenge as it comes. This helps me avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

• I like making long term goals, but the only way you get there is by finding a way to work toward those goals in your day to day life. I break my long term goals down into intentional and realistic daily steps.

• I take the specific steps to start my day off right. You can never predict exactly what your day will bring. Taking time the night before to prepare and organize for the things you know are coming. It will make a huge impact on both your time in the office and your time at home.

• Create a morning routine that helps clear your head. I wake up, have a cup of coffee and knock out both personal and professional tasks that I can do from home. Then when I head to the gym or the office I can give my full attention to the moment without the worry of other tasks running through my head.

Possibly a favorite team motto: Eat the Frog

• I make a list of the top three things I want to accomplish on any given day. Then I eat the frog (tackle the item I least want to do first to avoid putting off all of it) and get s**t done.

• EAT THE FROG. It’s a mantra around here, and it always comes up. If my first task of the day is completing the thing I am least looking forward to, I am more motivated and more productive for the remainder of items awaiting my attention.

At any given time, Measure & Spend Your Time Wisely

• I try to be conscious of how much an hour of my time is worth (measured in dollars AND sanity for both my home life and work.) There are tons of apps and services available during a crazy week that can help take things off of my plate. If paying a little extra to have my groceries delivered means I’ll have more time with my family in the evenings, it is 100% worth it.

• I focus on putting my family and health first. This means sticking to workout routines even in hectic times, and sitting down every night to have dinner together at the kitchen table (without the phone present). When my personal life is balanced, it sets me up to be present on the job and do my best work. During busy periods I often have to adjust my schedule to make everything fall into place, but somehow it all works out. Knowing that gives me the space I need to thrive.

Take things out of your head and put them on paper

• Remember to take things out of your head and put them on paper. When I’m feeling overwhelmed in any part of my life, I try to take a breath and write down what I actually have going on. A lot of times, that actual list is a lot more manageable than the flurry of thoughts I had swimming around in my head.

Lean on your team. Sometimes it takes a village

• I do it well because I don’t do it alone. I collaborate on all fronts: I work with and depend on my team in the office, I work with and depend on my family at home. Without both support systems, things would start to fall apart. I have a team behind me when I have to approach professional and personal obstacles. They all help keep me motivated and productive.